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Astroid Mining and the future of Space

Private companies and space agencies have been interested in mining asteroids for water and rare minerals like platinum, which can be used to fuel trips to destinations deeper in space.

While no one has successfully mined an asteroid yet, private companies and governments alike are planning to stimulate this industry through research and development projects, setting up new regulatory frameworks and even “direct capital investments” in companies working toward gathering resources from space. That said, as Governments are now setting regulations to encourage a capitalistic space race, it might not be that simple because it’s possible that law could be a violation of the United Nations Outer Space treaty, which states that no nation can lay claim to other cosmic objects, such as the moon. But if History has taught us anything, is that competition is a good thing and we all win, with the exception of if someone develops a space nuke… but lets not think about that.

I am fascinated in watching Blue Orgin, Space X, and Other Private Entities advance space travel, and watch it all unfold in front of our eyes. Asteroid Mining

what are your thoughts on Astroid Mining? the current Space Race, and what that may bring for our future? Hopefully Tang 2.0



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