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Best insults

An insult be like?

It has now become a common habit to carry on an argument including best insults. We are aware of the fact that a friendly relationship is never built without insults. It is completely undeniable. It has become a trend to spread smiles on other’s faces without them minding it or taking it in their hearts. It is a fun thing to do unless the other person takes it seriously. Insulting words are frequently used by people these days, especially teenagers. Essentially, it is taken as a freedom of speech, where no one will mind your words because it is mostly done for entertainment. People feel amused in commenting about other’s personality and looks or appearance.

Insulting is not a trend introduced recently, but it has been carried on from our ancestors. Insulting words and best insults have been used in ancient times as well, this not something new. Nevertheless, there are some changes made to the way of insults. Nowadays, we insult people in such a way that people don’t feel bad about it. Instead, they enjoy it and learn new ways to insult others too. In earlier days, people used to learn insults through television programmes and series. Now, in modern days, we have learned new ideas to insult our friends by the help of social media.

Insults in earlier days used to have a touch of literacy in it. People were educated back then; we are educated too, but we still see a difference between the two. In modern days, the enhanced way to best insults has more slang words in it. Following are some examples which will surely help you in insulting your friends for entertainment. Make sure they don’t mind your words otherwise you will be in trouble.

  • “She’s so fat that when she walked in front of the television, the kids missed three commercials.”
  • “Anybody who told you just to be yourself couldn’t have given you worse advice.”
  • “If you have something to say, raise your hand and place it over your mouth.”
  • “You should eat some of your makeup so you can be pretty on the inside.”
  • When I was a kid on a cross-country car trip, having lunch at tuck shop, a couple of truckers were eating at a table behind us. One of them started choking and coughing on his food. The other guy says to him, “I wish you’d either die or shut up.”

Have fun!

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