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Dangerous Ways to Say ‘I Quit!’

There are so many ways to say I quit, but we meant here “dangerous” a hilarious and weird way to say goodbye. These ways went viral on the internet and had left so much motivations and inspiration for those who want to quit in style.

Get Your Cake


Yes aka Mr.cake whose cake went viral when he started his own baking business and quit a job in a caky style. What he did totally blew the mind of boss yet get tasted him how his own employee can get him their own products to make him feel that he has his employees competitors. A resignation letter on cake presenting to his boss holding a baby shows that he has his own priorities when it comes to family and passion.



Well, that’s what we call a real macho, went viral when his boss got the pop-up message on his system in HR programming software where he gets options about what he wants to do with his one of the exhausted employee. Although this is a rumor actually no one knows where did it come from, from which company or employee. This is actually an idea programmed as a pop-up warning to employers to making decisions about renegotiating or read HR policies to tell the boss how he fucked up his rules. That’s cool.

Don’t Hold Back


Not many people think of disclosing their awful employers for who they truly are on the tough day they ultimately walk out of their job — and also for Kieran Allen, that fantasy came real. The moment he left London marketing company MEC, he routed the whole staff his resignation e-mail, that was pointedly titled ‘Leaving.’ In that email, he by heart thanked the organization for the possibility of career development, but completely set free on his manager, whom he charged with discrimination, poor treatment and having sexual intercourse with a co-worker at work. As you can imagine, the e-mail proceeded to go well-and-truly well-known and shortly more than enough, Allen’s manager had his personal hashtag (that, in this situation, wasn’t a thing to be happy with.)

So that’s the safe way to shout at your manager without giving him a good one punch. Social media is enough satisfied element to expel your rage on the one who ruled you but actually they don’t know you have your own rules to rule the new world order.

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