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Everblock Bricks – Lifesize Versions of Lego Blocks

Are you still a kid at heart? Do you still secretly play with legos, if only in your mind, to bring you back to the good old days when you didn’t have a care in the world.

Well, I can’t pay your bills for you, or get you back together with Rebecca or Greg (you are so much better than them, have a little bit of faith in yourself). But what i can promise you is, you can now incorporate life sized building blocks to make all your dreams come true. Essentially a set of massive LEGO bricks, the Everblock set is a series of modular-building blocks that are large enough to facilitate the construction of nearly any object. With the ability to construct, take apart and re-assemble any structure, these fun blocks can help to turn an imaginative idea into a life-sized creation. The pieces come in sizes ranging from three to 12 inches, which make them large enough for creating anything from furniture to small buildings. With fun colors and a familiar design, these life-sized building blocks are sure to be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

The only remaining question is, what will you build?

Everblock Bricks

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