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Should You Feel Guilty About Killing Zombies

The most common and sometimes, the easiest task in a video game is always to kill zombies, aliens or the Nazis. Now, should you be guilty of the virtual violence you are committing? Just think for a second if you are in a world where there are zombies in real. Now, will you or should you feel guilty about killing them? Let us see the points mentioned below

1.  Guilt- no! Pity? Yes

Would there be guilt? No, not at all! Why there should be? They are mindless dead people and killing them would certainly not count in any crime or offense. Obviously, you are killing a dead person, and there is no big deal or anything to worry about. Rather, it may be a blessing for them that they are getting rid of this curse that they no longer have to live with. But yes, there is going to be pity on them. Maybe these zombies were at some time of their life just like us but turned into flesh- eating corpses because of some circumstances. So, you will feel bad about them but be happy to kill them, not guilty.

2.  Kill the killer

Killing a zombie means to end a constant threat. If you don’t kill them, they kill you and much more people perhaps. So, it is better to exterminate them as soon as possible.

3.  Killing them is like taking a medicine

If we are killing the zombies, this certainly doesn’t mean we are hurting them. They will not even feel pain since they are nothing more than mindless creatures. So, think of the zombies like a dangerous, hazardous virus. If you don’t get medication for it, it is going to kill you, or you are going to face some severe consequences. So, simply kill them just as you take medication for a virus.

4.  No one’s going to sue you

If you are killing a zombie, basically you are not committing any crime at all. They are already dead creatures. So, go for it and consider it a sport or more like a social service. Save others from the wrath of zombies. No court of law will hold you accountable because there is no such law that you are violating.

5.  Go for it

So, go for it and improve your aiming skills. Whenever you come across a zombie, strike it with the best aim you got.

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