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Foreign Words That are Funny in English

You have to be open-minded when heading to the cultures that have major differences and language barriers because you are going to hear the words that make you laugh your ass off.

And don’t be angry if you hear that word on you which means bad in your own language.

Take your camera, get a large space SD card and capture those words that make you laugh.



Wow, a dickmilch which is known to be a German buttermilk, and I am disappointing that there is no international house of pancake in Stuttgart. Dickmilch can be served deliciously by them.



Am I looking for a spurt coming my way from slut? Excuse me, let that thought be wiped out of your mind. It’s a slutsprut said in the Swedish language that means a “Final Sale” on Black Friday. If we don’t want to understand the meaning, then 70 % sale like slutsprut doesn’t look bad to think.



Not really, don’t even think like that, we really respect German.

It’s a small-town name “fucking.” If you want to go there, don’t expect anything that you get what the town says.


Die, Die, Die…

Die means “that one.” If I don’t know this, then I would have been forcefully thinking why this company is all after moms to be killed by their sons. Funny, and yes It’s a bad flavor I have ever eaten in my life if you want me to eat it then MOM you die die die.



In fact, no usage or perfect meaning in the Japanese language for this word, what they made is a brand name of some industries in Japan. A flying egg mascot industry who didn’t assume how do we take this word “fukuppy.”

How am gonna use it if I want to:

  • Try to be cool man, don’t quit like a fukuppity.
  • Yes, introducing my cute little aquarium, what’s in it, it is full of f***ing guppys, and I call it fukuppys“ tadddaaa.



An Icelandic word that has not been yet exposed with its obvious meaning in Google, however, Google, defines it an “Ashour” but honestly speaking I don’t even know what does that mean exactly, as we had no answer for anyone, Urban dictionary got the first number in defining this mystical word ever which means bad but actual meaning neither good nor bad.

So, we took it like in our lingo, check it out.

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