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Hiding in the Dark

Who knew after all this time searching for Waldo, that he was waiting for to find him

It is best to find him, before he finds you

This brings me down a trip down a very nostalgic rabbit hole. Waldo might be best remembered for causing kids to physically fight over books, but his empire stretched way beyond mere paper. Waldo was many things, and now, apparently, a psychopathic serial killer…

Some Fun Facts:

Known as Wally in his native England and Waldo in the U.S. and Canada, the main character of the series has many other localized names including:

French – Charlie
Hindi – Hetti
Norway – Willy
Croatian – Jura
German – Walter
Danish – Holger

Did you know that Waldo traveled alone at first but in subsequent novels more characters were added.

– Odlaw was the Wario to Waldo’s Mario. First appearing in The Magnificent Poster Book (1991), Odlaw was narrated as evil though he never appears to be committing dastardly acts in the books.

– Wizard Whitebeard first showed up in The Great Waldo Search (1989) as the person responsible for helping Waldo discover the truth about himself and his past.

– Wilma appeared in The Ultimate Fun Book (1990) but then explicably was replaced by her twin sister/doppelganger Wenda for In Hollywood (1993).

– Woof also debuted in The Ultimate Fun Book (1990) but was defined only by his tail until his full body appearance on the last page of The Wonder Book (1997).

I’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again, It is best to find him, before he finds you!

Hiding in the dark

Find him before he finds You!

Hiding in the Dark
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