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I’m not Ugly, just Dead

I’m not ugly, just dead – that is the attitude, Don’t let anything hold you back from being you!

whether you think you are fat, ugly, or a zomebie that got declined from being an extra on the walking dead (great show), you can be anything you want to be, and you will always be beautiful

instead of thinking your ugly, why don’t you concentrate on getting somewhere in your life rather than let the media and what other people think of you bog you down? Some of the greatest people in history were bullied, Napoleon for example, one of the greatest military strategists that ever lived , He was laughed at when he said that he will one day lead all of France, they said it was impossible that a small man from corsica could ever become a leader, Some years later he gets the last laugh when he becomes the Emperor of the French and his only reply to those people were, the word Impossible is only in the dictionary of fools.

Not ugly, just dead

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