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Lets pretend this never happened

talk about missing the mark, lets pretend this never happened… you cool?

Have you ever made a mistake before? it’s okay, mistakes happen, wouldn’t it be cool if we had an eraser for life mistakes

Its almost like, you do, it’s you.. you are the eraser… hear me out:

Mistakes happen; everyone makes them occasionally, it’s inevitable when you are involved. But it’s how you deal with the mistakes that matters. Below are some steps that you should consider when dealing with the problem:

Firstly decide how bad things are:

You need to gauge the scale of situation and what impact the mistake is likely to have had.

Ask yourself the following questions:

How many has the mistake affected? Sure, you pissed off 106,324 people, it is the internet of course, oh wait, we are talking about you, not me, whew.. nevermind

What are financial implications? She didn’t need that lottery ticket anyway.

Was the customer experience affected? Hard to tell now that the power is out

How was your reputation affected? what they call you is just a name, although quite fitting if I do say so my self. 

Secondly decide how you are going to respond:

Depending on the type of mistake made, a different response will be needed. it is not worth crying over spilt milk, but did you really need to do that in the supermarket? not cool bro, not cool.


Remember timing is everything

The speed of the response is key in order to minimize the impact, however ensure it is accurate! You do not want to have to send out a second apology explaining how you made your mistake worse.  Do us all a favor and burn that outfit and buy some new clothes.

Lastly, make sure it doesn’t happen again:

Learn from your past mistakes. Figure out how the mistake happened in the first place. Was it due to lack of communication? Or perhaps lack of process? I don’t want to bring up your historical choice in significant others, *cough* brian *cough*, but perhaps history does repeat itself and we are all doomed

if only we had an eraser

missing the mark t-shirt

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