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Ice Cube Shot Glass


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Product Description

These Ice Cube Shot Glasses are a GREAT way to add a little nip to your favorite sip! Sure to be a huge hit at your next party, each tray makes 4 shot glasses.

Use tap water for a frosted looking glass and purified water for a more clear looking glass.

Makes a fun gift for Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, Birthdays, Halloween parties, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving/Christmas gatherings and more!


  • One tray makes four shot glasses
  • Tray Made from 100% Food Grade Silicone, Flexible and Easy to use
  • Tray Measures Approx. 8″ long x 2″ wide x 2″ tall
  • Select your Tray Color, while supplies last.
  • No-Fuss Clean Up (because who wants to wash shot glasses the next day?)


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