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Stupid Questions People Ask

There are questions, then, there are…questions…

These questions have their own existence being asked by a normal human.

If I am one of them then I would be happy I am not only the stupid person on this earth, I have my mates with me on Google search who are writing crazy things in the search bar.

Google might not be pulling its hairs off while finding the right answers. Let me do this job.

  • Is there any chance of a shortage of bacon meat in 2016?

Yeah, I heard it too, no chance at all, because I don’t eat bacon. {that is a lie}

  • How can I make my Halloween costume with a beer can?

Hell no, but, there is only one use of it, recycling and then recycling.

  • Who smells bad? Cat, dog or my urine?

Do you want to let others taste that? How spine-chilling

  • Where are my socks? Are they lost or missed?

Let me tell you pal, there are millions of socks lost on this planet every year, but the thing you must know where they were buried and who buried them?

  • What is a kind of pig who eats people?

Why do you want people eaten by them? If you are in your carnivorous pig-free town, then be informed that vegan pigs taste different from meat-eating ones. It’s that simple.

  • Investment opportunities in Nigeria?

You got to be kidding me. Investments? and in Nigeria? Oh, come on, they have their own version of world trade centers for sale. Go get them.

  • How much time an ant takes to get drowned in water?

I think 800 times, well dude you better squash it, and it will be the one-time killing.

  • 10 stupidest baby names

So far as my name is concerned, it’s not on the list. Do care about yours.

  • What is a smell of dead rat like?


  • How can I gain weight magically?

So long as I know you will find that magic in KFC, BURGER KINGS, MCDONALD, etc., they have their own separate magic deals for magically weight gain

Seriously it couldn’t be gained magically, but you can Lose it magically for sure. If you can!

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