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Things We Should Have Learned In High School Before Adulthood

That terrifying and unpredictable thing called “life” sets in once you graduate High School and move out of your parents house. There’s a lot of things we learn as we go we should have been warned about in our high school days. Maybe this was planned from the start? Maybe everyone wanted to see us fail miserably?

1. How To Manage Money

For some reason our parents and teachers just figured we would be responsible. That all the love and nurturing they gave us would help us make responsible decisions. Well they were sadly mistaken. They didn’t warn us about credit cards, writing checks or what the hell interest rates are?

When we move out and go to college or move out to work at McDonald’s, whatever path you choose in life wouldn’t it be nice if we had a class in High School called “life”. Perhaps then we could avoid a lot of the confusion and chaos that comes along with transitioning into adulthood and worrying about how to pay rent. Sometimes we need someone to tell us “No, you don’t need those $200 shoes because you need a roof over your head more”.

2. Broken Hearts

Oh to be young and in love; or, to be young and stupid. We aren’t taught that people are just selfish jerks these days. We grow up seeing how happy our parents are and how much we long to find that special someone too.

Reality sets in real quick when your boyfriend/girlfriend thinks it’s a good idea to cheat on you, abuse you, steal your car or kill your cat. It’s real in these streets and we are failed the truth about relationships and all the pain they actually cause.

Of course love can be happy rainbows and sunshine, but the majority of the times you have to date a handful of psychopathic humans before you find your soul mate. We have to be broken and torn about before we can be healed and loved the way we dream of.

3. Sex Isn’t All Fun And Games

Sex leads to little humans that look and act just likes us, or a lifelong disease. Well of course if you were taught how to practice safe sex then you should avoid pregnancy and STD’s. The majority of the time we are just taught how to use a condom and that AID’s and Herpes are “scary”; make sure you take your birth control.

No one ever teaches us that rape exists. No one ever teaches us that sexual abuse exists. We shouldn’t have to find out the hard way or when it’s too late. This world we live in can be terrifying and this is one touchy subject that should be spoken of and preached in our high school days.

4. You’ll Probably Get Arrested

You better embrace this, because it’s most likely going to happen to you. Our parents and teachers don’t tell us that they themselves have had a few run in’s with the law in their early adulthood years.

When you mix alcohol, partying and annoying friends you’ll probably end up in handcuffs at least once. Whether it be a DUI, assault or theft you better watch your back because the police are everywhere!

Ask yourself “is it really worth it?” Is that douche bag really worth going to jail over? Put your hands down and don’t slap him. Take that fancy lipstick out of your purse and put it back on the shelves and call a taxi when you’ve had too many to drink.

5. Feeding Yourself is Expensive

Good grief, going to the grocery store is basically like sacrificing an arm and a leg; especially if you want to eat decent and avoid some of the overly processed items. We are so used to our mommy cooking for us and feeding us we don’t realize how much effort and money actually goes into the delicious plate of spaghetti.

Easily we can spend two hundred to three hundred bucks on groceries alone for a couple of weeks and then it starts back over. Then we’re broke and have to live off ramen noodles until we get paid again. It’s a never ending cycle but we always make room for wine and beer.

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