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Top 10 Reasons To Date A Gamer

We all have our reasons for dating a certain person. Maybe it’s for their personality, wealth, or they just make you feel super. Hell, some people just want to date someone so they can jingle their bells. Hopefully you know what that means. People will date a wide variety of people such as; smokers, drinkers, hookers, athletes, murderers, animals, and even inanimate objects. Yes, inanimate objects. People are nuts! But the one group of people that are never really considered; gamers. We are the rare and dying race known as GAMERS. We are strong, brave, and our strength is unmatched. We are fearless and laugh in the face of danger. And when our Xbox’s are turned off, we’re most likely in our lockers hiding from the football players. We are on the bottom of the food chain, so girls choose not to date us. But little do they know, that is one choice they will forever regret. Are you a little confused of why they’ll hold this regret? Well, let’s go over the top 10 reasons to date a gamer. You know it’s going to be good when the title is mentioned in the article! Let’s begin:

10. Gamers have amazing hand-eye coordination

This may not be the most impressive skill, but it can come in handy. For example, fooling around. Fooling around is something we all love to do, but it can be a huge turn off when the guy can’t undo the bra. Am I right, ladies? Well, date a gamer and you surely will not be disappointed. His speed of removing the bra very well maybe under 2.5 seconds. Trust me, you’ll be extremely grateful.

9. It’s been proven that gamers make decisions faster and with much more thought

You ladies will love this. You want your boyfriend to make the right decision without any sighs of confusion. For example; you ask your boyfriend if he thinks a certain girl is hot. He thinks about it for 5 seconds and says, “Umm, no.” Sure he gave you the right answer, but you feel uncertain because he took 5 seconds to answer. With a gamer boyfriend, there will be no 5 second think time. He will say right away, “Hell to the no, angel face.” Okay maybe not angel face, but you get the idea.

8. If he’s a gamer, that means he’s a nerd. If he’s a nerd, that means he’s good with technology

Admit it, you have had struggles with your phone or computer several times in your life. Maybe Youtube wasn’t working, or your iPod deleted all your songs. Usually, gamers are really good with technology. So there’s a good chance that he can fix all of your technology problems.

7. You will always know what to get him for his birthday/Christmas/Easter

Let’s face it, gamers are the easiest to shop for. That is, if you’re a good girlfriend and pay good attention. As long as you keep track of the type of video games your boyfriend plays, gift shopping will be the easiest thing in the world for you. Although, you can never go wrong with a Playstation 4. Get this right and he will forever listen to you out of pure gratitude.

6. All the problem solving he’s done in video games has given him an excellent memory

This means that he will never forget planned dates, birthdays, anniversaries, and so on. You may not think this is a big deal, but I promise you will be impressed. For all you know you could have the worst day of your life. Every single thing went wrong, but your gamer boyfriend remembers your anniversary and you’ll instantly feel a little better. This could change your day completely!

5. Gamers never really date, so he will never cheat

The main thing you girl worry about is your boyfriend cheating on you with another woman, or man. You never really know. The good thing with gamers is they don’t really date. Well I guess that’s not really good, more like sad. But good for you! If you’re dating a gamer, chances are you’re one of his first girlfriends. Like I mentioned earlier, gamers don’t get girls. So you can take cheating off your list. Unless you’re talking about him using cheat codes, then that’s okay. Speaking of cheat codes, let’s move on.

4. Gamers know all the cheat codes

Now, I’m not just talking about cheat codes in video games. Gamers pay attention to small details pretty closely. So when you’re getting freaky with him, he’s observing what turns you on and using that to his advantage in the future. So next time instead of slowly working his way up to put you in the mood, he’ll just “cheat” and go for your turn on spots right away. This is good for those girls that just like to get straight to the point.

3. Gamers know all the special combos

Girls love having sex with a guy that throws in different moves and positions. Gamers like to call this their Special Combo. Gamers are all about mixing it up and throwing different moves out there. They don’t just stick to the same moves in Street Fighter, they throw all they got into it. Trust me; when your gamer boyfriend does this, you won’t be disappointed.

2. You have access to his most prized possession. You will win every arguement, guaranteed

We all argue, let’s face it. It’s in our blood. But it’s always nice to have something that can give you the advantage in an arguement. Well if you’re dating a gmer you’re in luck. You have access to his treasure; his video games. He won’t dare test your limits when you have his precious games aimed at the window. He’ll say his sorry, tell you you’re right, and he might even make you a sandwich. See the power in that? It’s so powerful it can grant a role reversal and make him your bitch. That should feel good.

1. You can find out if he truly does love you

The thing with gamers is that we are very easy to read. Actually, that’s a lie. If we’re on our video game, you won’t get a word out of us. But if you’re gamer boyfriend really does love and care for you, he will put the game down and talk to you. Now he won’t respond to a demand or casual talking, but he will to a sincere voice. If you sound sincere and serious, he will put it down and listen. That’s the thing with gamers; they can be very caring. Unless you distract them in the middle of a Call of Duty multiplayer session. If that happens, I pray that your soul may rest in peace.

Well, there you have it; 10 reasons to date a gamer. Just take into consideration that 80% of gamers are extremely unattractive, keep that in mind. But if you have the chance, go for the gamer. It may just change your life.

Or not. How would I know? I’m still single.

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