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Weird Ice Cream Flavors

Weird Ice Cream Flavors Across the Globe!

Ice cream is something we can never say ‘no’ to. Regardless of weather conditions, we will still be a part of the group who would go to an ice cream party. But why don’t we try a flavor other than chocolate or vanilla? There are above 30 different types of ice cream flavors to try. Most of them would sound weird ice cream flavors by their names, but they will taste delightful because it is ice cream after all! One may not be bored of having the same kind of ice cream each day but trying a new flavor would not harm you as well. We must explore new tastes in the world and keep aside vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate for some time. Here is a list you must try the next time you plan to have an ice cream:

  • Octopus ice cream: It is a Japanese invention and one of those weird ice cream flavors. Japan is known for their adventurous experiment with snacks and desserts. This strangely flavored ice cream can be tasty for seafood lovers.
  • Goat cheese beet swirl ice cream: This ice cream is made from spinach, beet and goat cheese salad. It is as strange as it sounds. You may try this at “Sweet Action Ice Cream” in Denver. It tastes nothing like a Instead, it is sweet like other ice creams.
  • Play dough ice cream: It is obvious that this sounds unreal, but “Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream Parlor” has an ice cream flavor available in Michigan. They have made a kid’s wish come true as they can eat their play dough now.
  • Lobster ice cream: You might not have heard a lobster and an ice cream being together. “Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium” has made it possible to serve you a combination of both. It is a butter flavored ice cream with cooked lobster on top of it.
  • Crocodile egg ice cream: This sounds insane! This ice cream is actually made from crocodile eggs. It was introduced in a restaurant in Davao City. A crazy sweet lover will love such weird flavors of ice creams. The owner himself states that it does not taste like crocodile meat, it is only made from eggs.
  • White Chocolate Black Olive ice cream: It is found in Germany, made from black olives with creamy white chocolate flavor.
  • Bacon ice cream: Ben and Jerry’s have introduced a bacon weird ice cream flavor which has a scotch flavor with bacon and eggs in it.

Enjoy and keep trying new flavors each day!

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