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weird phobias

Some of the Weirdest Phobias across the Globe!

We all know what weird phobias are. For those who don’t, a phobia is a fear of certain objects, people or situations. This is fear which is baseless, acquired without any reason. It is a type of anxiety disorder found in almost every person. It can be any example of arachnophobia (fear of spiders), astraphobia (fear of thunder or lightening), acrophobia (fear of heights), aquaphobia (fear of water), etc. They can be very disturbing, but you have to keep yourself under control in case you do not intend to show it. Phobias are curable with proper counseling and therapy. The first stage of experiencing a phobia includes panic attacks. In extreme cases, fainting may occur as well. There are different and weird kind of phobias experienced by people.

Following is a list of few phobias:

  • Chrematophobia: This type has a fear of money. This is strange because modern days’ people are running to get more and more money. But these kinds of people tend to stay away from money. This results in the mishandling of money. Although money is a necessity of life, people with chrematophobia decide to stay away from it.
  • Euphobia: This is funny, but people are also afraid of good news. We have always heard of being afraid of bad news, that too for obvious reasons. However, people fear good things too which is absurd. It is considered to be one of the weird phobias.
  • Phobophobia: This is to be on the top of the Weirdest of the weird phobia is getting frightened of phobias. This sounds illogical, but humans face this kind of problem as well
  • Venustraphobia: This is known to be a fear of beautiful women. As the definition states, it is clear it will be only faced by other women. This world is full of the competition of all sorts, even beauty.
  • Anthropophobia: This is a fear of people. You must have heard this for the first time. There are certain people who are afraid of going out in crowdy places or having company with them. They prefer staying alone most of the time.
  • Anthophobia: This refers to the fear of flowers. We have always loved flowers being sweet smelling and beautiful. Some populations are opposite to what we think. They do not find flowers Instead, they are afraid of them.
  • Dextrophobia: This is another strange phobia where a person fears things kept on their right-hand
  • Sitophobia: This is known as a fear of eating and one of another weird phobia. It is unbelievable since no one can live without eating.

And the list goes on.

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