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What Would Happen If Cats Ruled the World?

Cats, a very nice and cute pet. They really love us, and we adore them too.

But let’s face it; let’s just assume one of our darkest nightmares that cats start ruling the world.

Well, to be honest, preparing food for our cats and looking after them all the time, making their bed and preparing the place of their peeing and then cleaning it too; if any alien sees us from the space would be thinking the same as if our cats are really our rulers.

So, the assumption is not that illogical. However, how different matters will be effected let us take a look.

Bathrooms- Government Property

Surely, the first thing is that cats will finally get a well-managed place to pee and take good care of themselves. Bathrooms will be out of limit for everyone, and only cats will be allowed to pee there.

May the Justice Prevail- Scratch Everyone

Cats will prove to be a just ruler. In their rule, they will ensure that all citizens are allowed to bite or scratch anything or ANYONE. And yes, one more thing, no yelling is allowed. After all, there will be justice for all.

Warm Places- Government Property

Warm places such as beds, warm pillows, the place right in front of the heater and yes most importantly the laptops; thus, all the warm places will belong to cats only.

Changed Door Designs

The design of doors all over the state will be changed so that the cats have no problem in entering anywhere. So, no banning or locking of any cat from any room.

Dogs, The Traitors

Dogs are the ones who are going to suffer the most. The dangerous breeds are going to be imprisoned; rest have to pay a fine to live freely. Moreover, they have to abide by the special set of rules assigned just for them. They have to listen to the cats about whatever the cats order them.

No More Bathing

Cats don’t like water and so should you. No more going near the water now ever.

Cyber Laws

Many new cyber laws will be introduced which will order the police to catch up and imprison all those humans who post funny and stupid pictures of honorable cats.

Humans- Compromise

Your cats want to keep cuddling you today. So, you have to miss your work today and stay home all day. No sorry coz we rule, babes!

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