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What Would We Do if Facebook Shut Down?

We’re preoccupied with Facebook. All of us check our Facebook notifications as well as newsfeeds because we think that it’s the morning paper. We put many statuses in even one day.

It comes to the reality that talking to people in real life turns into difficult to some. Several can’t even recall their lives before Facebook. Despite new interruptions, also known as Google+, many people have faithfully trapped to one of the most significant websites on the planet.

Taking into consideration the bulk following (around 457.5 billion web page views in July in accordance with comScore) Facebook has received in the last couple of years, do you notice how primarily based We’re on Facebook now? I’m a whole twitter boy, but Facebook does take up a significant part in my life as well.

Can we live without facebook?

Do you find it the same? Or wouldn’t it considerably be affected?

The name status depicts the meaning “Status” when it comes to wealth, health, attitude, checking out any luxury places like hotels, etc. What does it mean, it means the statuses are creating complexity among people, a mediocre group doesn’t accept the people who are flaunting on Facebook about their statuses; it’s a negativity being created in society. So, the real life is becoming awkward.

If Facebook doesn’t exist in our lives, then what would happen? Keep reading!

  • People will forget each other’s birthdays
  • You would try to find another place to rant.
  • Well, if FB does not exist, the world will not end, the fantastic platform to get social is Twitter.
  • Yeah, one thing would be in favor of Facebook, is its potential for businesses. The marketing and advertising, along with bloggers, events, groups, fan pages, Facebook sharing, etc wouldn’t exist too.
  • If Facebook doesn’t exist in your life, then you will start talking to the people in real life, poking friends and asking strangers “who are you.”
  • There will be no more relationships that are “its complicated” or “single” etc.
  • No more farmsvilla and candy crush
  • No more requests for apps and games
  • Yeah, no tagging at all of the awkward photos you don’t want to be tagged in.
  • You would be prone to spend your time on your hobbies and physical activities.

Therefore, as indicated by me, if there wasn’t any Facebook, there’d be good things as well as problems. What is your opinion? Have you got more things to add? Would your life transform for the worse or better? Share your ideas in the comment section!

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