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Where All The Mismatched Socks Go

Your dryer eats your socks. That is why you get only one sock while you added a pair of it to get washed. Well, this seems to be a legit solution to the great mystery of lost socks which leaves us with unmatched socks. Wait, now where did the other one go too. Ok fine, let’s be honest. The dryer theory may not be valid and even stupid, but the very next scenario is valid, and the question is legit too. Now, where did the other sock go which was right there just about some time ago? (By some time, some may refer some weeks.)

Socks can go missing in any process while you give them for laundry. The washer, dryer, laundry room, hamper or your bedroom; a sock is a tiny thing hard to notice, so it might just get out of sight. Now, where could the mismatched sock go? You think of this when you get the other sock of the pair spotted somewhere. Yes, that’s right. After all the socks were right there where you left them. They had just been relocated somewhere else.

  • Just opened the hiking bag and oh, just guess what I found? It’s the missing sock. The mystery has been solved, yeah! So, here is the place where mismatched socks go. Well, maybe not. I also lost a sock two years back when I didn’t have this bag. Where could that sock go? Well, I guess now is the perfect time to open up the school bag for the first time. At least, I will be able to see how do the books look like.
  • Is it my bed only? It is more like a store room for you. Last night, I was playing indoor cricket when the ball went below the bed. I went down there to find the ball. The first thing that came in my hand was the cigarette I puffed last week. Second was the baseball bat; I have been finding for days. Damn, I should have seen earlier. Oh, look at what I found! It’s the same matching sock that went unmatched after its other half got ripped from the thumb. I was wondering what this sock would do without its partner. I hope it decided to be alone forever and hid in my bed cum store room. Hard luck for the innocent sock.

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