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Why do we hate Mondays?

This question has been revolving around our minds for a couple of years. Recently, we feel more demoralized. Students and adults who work feel this hatred at extreme levels and looking for reasons to their own question ‘why do we hate Mondays?’ This feeling increases depression and anxiety at a higher level. It is a fact that routine change is mostly set up on Mondays which is clearly not a fun thing to do. To overcome the phase of depression, we first need to look at the reasons which generate this reaction.

What causes this hatred?

Some scientists have worked together to cease this feeling completely and finally managed to get some relevant answers to the people’s questions: why do we hate Mondays? For this, they have gathered the reasons that become the cause of this attitude.

  • First of all, we must understand that this is just a myth. All days of the week are equally dreadful, except for Friday. But we humans have ultimately blamed Mondays for loathing. We have the criticism towards Monday much more than other days because it is farther from Friday and the weekend.
  • Secondly, the blame is boosted because it is the first day of the week after Sunday. It causes an emotional shift which makes us more depressive and distressing. Happy weekends are followed by disheartening Mondays causing an immediate change in our attitude.
  • The third reason causing us to hold hard feelings for Monday is our sleeping patterns. Sleep is very dear to people who work or study. This keeps us so occupied which leaves us with less time to sleep. We are habitual to fulfill the desire to sleep on weekends. We sleep for more time than our usual routine. This unusual sleeping pattern confuses our body clocks which are familiar with the busy routine. Extra sleep also makes you more tired instead of making you fresh. The tiredness is continued to next day; that is why we do not want to work.
  • Even the studies have found women less attractive on Mondays and one of the reasons for them to question themselves: why do we hate Mondays? The weekend routine affects your eating habit and sleeping order, which changes your appearance a bit. We also feel less motivated and feel worse about ourselves on Mondays.

Due to these reasons, 70% of people nowadays hate their job causing depression and anxiety.

How to overcome this feeling?

  • Take deep inhales and exhales before you start your day.
  • Investigate the cause of hating Monday.
  • Have gratitude for a new day in your life.


Enjoy every day of your life instead of filling it with hatred.

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