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Is this some kind of black magic? Did a wizard craft this from the hair of 1,000 slightly-used unicorns? How many precious resources and data-crunching computing grids are required to drive this algorithmic perfection? Have you stumbled on the newest Wonder of the World? All these questions will be answered in due time. This is THE shocking site that a local mom discovered. Savings accounts and trainers hate us! Now, it is your turn to learn that ONE weird trick that doctors do not want you to know so that you can take control of your life today.
Welcome... to DuckBoss

painting with light

Achieve the ultimate chillax by painting with light

A soothing site that lets you doodle with majestic light paintbrushes for those times when you just need to zone out, and let the light guide you

or, if light is not your thing, which is cool, i get it. you can always Paint with sloths.

other notable mentions are :

Rainy Mood Because Rain makes everything better. : Pensive music + the visual of a rain-strewn window = a moment of peace right in your browser.

YouAreListeningTo: YouAreListening.To combines a calm, atmospheric Soundcloud clip with a police scanner live stream to create a bizarrely soothing soundtrack of cities like New York, Los Angeles, Austin, and more. It’s here.

Watch an infinite loop : Fun to watch while high on life, or probably other things. It’s here.


and if you aren’t already bored already, or perhaps taking complete advantage of your adhd , why not try and Turn any phrase into a video message generated from movie clips.

or  type any characters you want, and they’ll come out as cool code, which you know is official because it’s green text on a black background. You can pretend you’re Hugh Jackman in Swordfish with Hackertyper 

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