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Small Dogs Tricks: Train Your Dogs to Sit Like You

You should begin training your dogs to sit up like you, when they are still small (puppy). Because when they are have grown, it is difficult to teach them as they cannot maintain their balance on the ground. The first dog trick that will form the foundation for other tricks for your dog, is in this sitting up training. To teach your pet dog to sit up, make some rewards in the form of their favorite treats and then set the pet on his hunches in any corner. This will make the dog to have very little room to lose balance, as he cannot fall sideways or backwards.67cb8a6e9b32d448e25ce4a48804bd28

To prevent him from falling forward, you should keep one of your hands under his chin and with the other, support the treat closer and over his nose. Deliberately keep repeating these words: sit up. Don’t make the dog to sit up for a long period of time at a single training. Simply keep repeating the words as you practise with him and reward your pet with lots of treats and praise.

All through his first training session, your dog will need all the support from your hand, to stop him from lurching forward. As time goes on, he will get a grip on his muscles balance and recognizes what you would like him to do. He will then rely less on your hand to help keep him constantly in place and you can slowly provide him less support. And soon, you will simply have to keep him with only one of your hands about a few inches away from the chin, this is to prepare yourself to stop him from stumbling forward. Afterwards, you can pull back the hand completely and only hold the reward over his head’s level.


By regularly teaching your puppy, he will sit up properly after you place him up. You should always place him up against the wall, in order to give him the support for only his back. Following your pet’s effective training, he will be able to sit up easily. From here you can start placing him against other objects that can give him less assistance, such as your cushions or chair legs. This practice will allow him to sit up by himself without looking for anything to lean against.

The reason why you should always repeat the words: ‘sit up’ to your puppy is, so that the words are impressed on his mind. If you have zealously drill him, you will only need to call him out, show the treat to him at an appropriate distance and simply say – sit up – and he will obey.

The only requirement that your dog will need to perfect this trick is continuous practice, until he is able to sit up when you say only the words, without you showing him the reward. You can give him the treat after he has completed his practice. Or each time he obey what you ask him to do.

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This is the basis for a number of other tricks. You can now show him how to lift one of his paws up and sideways to his head, in the form of a salute. He can also use this method to wear cap as well as lift other things to his mouth. You can teach him the trick of extending one hand as if to receive something from someone. You should not attempt to dress your dogs with so many clothes. Make him wear one article of clothing first and wait till he is used to it before you introduce him to other clothing. The important thing is to have fun with these dog tricks training.

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