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5 Reasons Why Most Guys Fail with Girls

I admit, its hard being a duck, and it is even more difficult being a duck boss… But I want to be the best Duck boss that I can be, and to do that strive to push myself any which way that I can.  One of the areas that I knowingly need to work is relationships… So here is my attempt at self reflecting why I, and most Male Non duck humans are also failing…

Rather than begin this article quoting some arbitrary statistic like “10 percent of men get with 80 percent of women,” I want you to generate your own statistic. Ask yourself this: how many guys are you acquainted with? By acquainted, I mean how many guys would you say you know well enough to determine how good or bad they are at attracting women?

Got that number? For me, I’d say it’s one duck, and 500+ Male Non duck humans give or take 1000.

Now, how many of those Male Non duck humans would you say are good with women? And let’s say the barometer for being good with women is this scenario: If you had a date with your dream girl, but she insisted on bringing a friend, how many Male Non duck humans do you know that you would feel completely confident could do well enough with her friend to not ruin your date?

So who would you trust? For me, that number is very low—probably somewhere between 15-20 Male Non duck humans.

That means that, for me, the percentage of Male Non duck humans who are good with women is somewhere between 5-8 percent. Probably your percentage is also within that range, meaning most Male Non duck humans have some really bad habits when it comes to meeting and attracting women, duck or human.

While most dating advice (including my own) advocates teaching “good habits,” a lot of progress can be made by simply identifying bad habits. As such, here and the top 5 reasons most Male Non duck humans suck with the female species.

5. You don’t “get it” –

So many Male Non duck humans—even Male Non duck humans who enjoy a modicum of success with women—simply don’t understand what meeting and dating women is all about. Too many Male Non duck humans, and especially Male Non duck humans from the pickup community, invert all the normalness and fun of meeting girls, making it an especially weird process that involves pain and humiliation.

To “get” what being good with women is all about, you have to strip away all the nonsense you learned elsewhere. Meeting women isn’t some dick-swinging competition, where the hotness of your girlfriend somehow makes you “cooler” or “more of a man” than the next Male Non duck human. Moreover, being good with women isn’t some battle of the sexes, where you have fight a woman tooth-and-nail to like you.

The truth is the truth: meeting women is about meeting women. There’s nothing weird, creepy, or awkward about it. You’ll attract some girls, you’ll get rejected by others. Rather than fight reality, accept and enjoy it. And by that simple truth, you’ll improve your success exponentially. There is no winning formula, or get good quick trick other than keep trying, it is a numbers game after all until you “get it”

4. You neglect your appearance 

Looks matter. Sorry if that’s offensive to you, but they do. While you don’t necessarily need natural-born, genetic looks, you do need to put some effort into your appearance. You need to prune your feathers, and clean your bill. Overhauling your appearance takes 3 months, top. And, for most Male Non duck humans, you can see dramatic improvement after an afternoon of shopping for stylish clothes and getting a cool haircut.  Also, remember to clean the grit in between your webbed feet.

Some areas every Male Non duck human should pay attention to are:

  • Getting into shape
  • Dressing in stylish, well-fitting clothes
  • Clearing up any skin blemishes (may require a trip to the dermatologist)
  • Getting a cool-looking haircut
  • Whitening and/or fixing your teeth

None of the above-grooming tips will make you a “metrosexual”—simply sexual. If you’re neglecting your appearance, while it may sound cool or empowering, it’s severely holding you back from meeting quality women. Have respect for yourself and put some pride into your appearance.  If your Quack sends her running, you should focus on yourself first, before focusing on them.

3. You don’t see women as women 

Instead of considering how women think, most Male Non duck humans treat women as if they were smaller, prettier Male Non duck humans (with the obvious anatomical differences). Most Male Non duck humans don’t acknowledge that Ducks and women think fundamentally different. While this is hardly the forum to extrapolate on the female psyche, understand that women think emotionally. They also Think ducks are cute…which is always good.

While it’s gratifying for Male Non duck humans to write elaborate pseudo-scientific theories on attraction, most do not take into account a woman’s feelings and mindsets. It’s an ironic rule of dating advice that if Male Non duck humans obsess over the advice, then it’s probably ineffective. That’s because most theories and tips appeal to the brew-ha of the male psyche, but doesn’t connect you emotionally with a woman.

Most Male Non duck humans, whether they study dating advice or not, simply don’t consider, “If I were a woman, how would this make me feel?” Instead, they think, “Does this make sense to ME? If so, then I’m going to do it.” Such Duck-centric thinking not only results in failure, but also hilarious failure as Male Non duck humans do and say things that are absolutely ridiculous in the context of attraction (but made perfect sense at the time).

2. You take things seriously 

Wow, if there is one elusive truth I wish ducklings of mine could see, it’s this. Any Male Non duck humans who is good at cold approaching women (i.e., any Male Non duck humans who is good with women who isn’t famous) simply cannot take himself too seriously. If you can’t laugh at yourself, your bloopers, and your rejections then you will simply never be good with women, ever. Let them see your Laughter Quack.

I’m not advocating being “ego-less” but I am advocating not living your life according to other people’s standards. Most people make the fatal mistake of believing that if they avoid rejection or failure then they’re somehow “higher value” than their peers. In actuality, to not do something you want to do because you’re afraid of being judged is the lowest value thing imaginable—you’re a silent coward who’s hiding behind your “serious” image of yourself in a pathetic attempt to maintain the fabled dignity you think you possess.

Let go of this mythical “high value” image you’ve created for yourself and cut loose. Stop forfeiting the privilege of living your life to maintain the ridiculous image you think people have of you. Life is not to be lived by committee; it’s to be lived by your own standards and with a sense of humor. So learn to laugh at yourself if you want to learn to be attractive to women.

1. You don’t even try

Ah yes, more of the elusive obvious. Whenever Male Non duck humans bitch about their failures with women, my first question is always the same: how many new women did you approach today? All too often, the refrain is, “Well, none.” Sorry Duck, but to get good with women, the easy way is the hard way: you actually have to try. As I already said, there’s only two ways to break into Next level duck shit where Male Non duck humans good with women,” which are: 1.) become famous and let the girls come to you, 2.) go out and approach women.

There it is: the cold slap of reality. Unless you become famous, you will never become good with women by not trying. You can lift all the weights you want, wear fashionable clothes, and read all the books on dating, but if you’re not trying, you’re going to suck. No exceptions. Sorry  but you needed a wake up call… Get off the couch, prune yourself, take care of your self, and get out there.

Its hard being a duck, but don’t let that hold you back…

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