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Contra Action Figures

Depending on how old you are, you either have a fond spot or you don’t really care much for Konami’s run-and-gun action game, Contra, which had you playing a pair of commandos on their quest to thwart the plans of the evil Red Falcon Organization. If you are in the really don’t care much group, there is the door. We are done here… Goodbye…Forever

are they gone? good.. so lets talk about how cool this is, shall we… you be Private First Class Bill Rizer and I’ll be Private First Class Lance Bean, or we can switch, whatever, this is like having all your dreams come true at the exact same time.

the Neca Contra action figures measure seven inches tall, with detailed head sculpts that make them look a heck of a lot better than the pixelated graphics of the original. As a nod to the limited color palette of old 8-bit games, the characters are all colored using hues from the same limited palette to give them a throwback video game feel. Both characters come sporting their own blaster rifles, with detachable blast effects, along with an accompanying power up capsule to complete the video game imagery.

I’ll end it with a quote from Contra III : The Alien Wars

Bill: It’s time for revenge.

Lance: Let’s attack aggressively!

Contra Action Figures

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