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Tittle Light: The Captivating 3D LED Smart Lamp

An Interactive LED Light That Transforms Your Home with Captivating 3D Visualizations

Tittle Light is an incredible new connected lamp that allows you to customize your lighting in three-dimensions. Tittle is a cube made of 512 LED dots (like the dots of an “i”, get it?) and will completely transform the way you design the atmosphere inside your home. it allows anyone to easily set the tone for any occasion with mood lighting, music, visualizations, even custom emoji messages!

All features are controlled by Tittles easy to use mobile app, IOS or Android compatiable. Connected via wifi, the smart system makes it super convenient to connect your Tittle to your home or office wifi network. Whether you want to choose your own color from the color wheel, or pick your current mood from one of the preset lighting options, Tittle has something for every moment.


Tittle Light Features

Tittle Light employs a variety of features to make it a truly versatile decorative addition to any space, all adjustable via the Tittle app:


Choose your favorite color and intensity to your liking through a simple color wheel.


Choose from various unique mood design based on your current frame of mind to create a dramatic atmosphere in any room.


With a built-in quartz chip, Tittle can indicate time through both digital and analog manner.


Tittle can generate exhilarating 3D animated imagery through synchronizing with any surrounding music and sounds in real time.


Send personalized 3D animated emojis to any other Tittle users.


When you are away from home for work or vacation, you can turn on or off Tittle at a specific time to create an “at home” environment.


With our mobile phone app & our web-based platform, user can create their own personalized frames or animations and display on any Tittle lamps.


Instantly envelop yourself in the perfect lighting with the touch of a finger through the mobile app’s color, brightness, mood, timer and animation controls.

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