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That time when you wanted to punch a sea lion in the face

Lets hope this is not another Harambe!

The Scene: People feeding wild animals at a sea otter exhibit in canada

It then rises from the water toward a little girl kneeling near the dock, then goes back in. The girl and others laugh.

The Plot Thickens:

She sits on the dock. After just one second, the sea lion jumps back, swiftly grabbing the girl by her white dress and dragging her into the water. Onlookers can be heard screaming in horror. A man immediately gets into the water to save the girl.

this is the second time that you wanted to punch a sea otter in it’s face, and lets not talk about the first time.

But to be fair…it’s likely that the sea lion thought the girl’s dress was food

no one was injured, hopefully the sea lion survives.

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