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First date tips for men to keep you out the dog house

For men, the first date is the most dreadful, fun, frustrating, loving experience ever. It’s the time where you sell yourself in 90 minutes. Not that you have anything to prove of course, but you want to put your best qualities on the table before the appetizer makes it. But how do you assure that the conversation will be even better than the meal, by avoiding these six conversations.

Talking too much

This is a conversation all within itself. Talking can keep a conversation going but too much talking can be a turn off. Don’t talk too much about yourself. It makes you sound arrogant instead of self-confident. Instead, show more interest about her and the things she likes. It doesn’t have to be something intimate. Ask her who is her celebrity man crush or what song she hates on the radio. Just keep the conversation live and entertaining.


Yes, it’s been few months and what’s standing in front of you is looking better than any meal on the menu. But too much of a good thing can be deadly. If you bring up sex on the first date, it seems like that’s all you’re interested in. True women are turned off by men who can’t see past their outer appearance. Don’t lose a great woman just because she has a nice ass. If you are determined to compliment her, do so on aspects that complement the assets you like


There is nothing than can spoil a date quite like the ex-factor. If you start talking about your ex, you seem as if you’re still stuck on her. And to be honest, no man talks about a woman in front of another woman unless he’s hung up on love. Women sense that love’s hangover sign posted on your heart and run for the hills. Instead, learn about qualities that your date has that makes her different from your ex. That will keep your interested and curious about what she possesses.


We all want someone who is financially dependable when it comes to a relationship, but a first date isn’t the time to mix romance with finance. Okay, you may have a few dollars in the bank but that doesn’t mean you have to brag about it. A real woman doesn’t want your money anyway. She has her own and if she isn’t thirsty, she won’t bring your money up either. If you want to get an idea of her financial future, maybe discuss things like future travel, home buying plans. Be honest with discussing yours as well but don’t sell a pipe dream. There is nothing worse than creating a gold digger.

Personal problems:

It has been a week from hell. Your boss is on you for no reason, your friends are hounding you with their issues and you’ve had no one to vent to. Now it’s time to unwind with a cold beer and talk about some of that stress. STOP! A woman wants a man who is stable and secure about his manhood. Not one who is one thread from falling all over the place. No matter what your problems are, leave them at the door. Deal with them after the date. If you need to get your mind off your drama, plan an engaging, entertaining date where you are so focused on the activity that you don’t have time to think of other problems.


It’s been the perfect date and you’re already thinking about introducing her to your mother, best friend and any ex you can find in a 500 mile radius. They seem so perfect that you want to talk about the future. Wedding vows are a great topic of conversation but not before you know all the vowels in their name. Believe it or not, marriage is not the only thing on a woman’s mind. She wants to have fun and unwind on a first date, not plan her future with you before she even knows your middle name. Have fun, relax and enjoy wherever the night takes you…whether it’s marriage or not.

Most importantly, be yourself. If he/she is meeting you for a date, then they’re already attracted to you. No need to sell yourself for more than who you already are. If they like it…great. If not, so what. Remember, every one doesn’t like the same cup of tea and what’s great for you may not be for someone else. The first date should be a fun time to get to know each other. Nothing more. Nothing less

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