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How To Have A Very Awkward Date

First of all, why are you reading this? Why are you searching for tips to make your date awkward? It makes sense if you want to make your date superb or at least, “less awkward,” but how to have a very awkward date? I mean, seriously? Anyways, to hell with the reason and let’s just come straight to the point. So, the issue we are facing is a date which we want to make awkward and not simply awkward, we want to make it very awkward.

  • They say the first impression’s the last. Ruin it!

The first impression is the last impression, right? So, simply ruin it. Try to arrive late for the date. When you finally meet, start acting weird. Come and hold his or her hand forcefully and start shaking it weirdly while greeting.

  • Bring a large bouquet

This will not only be awkward but will be cruel for your partner too. Bring a large bouquet for him or her which they have to carry all the time during the date. Do make sure it is heavy.

  • Talk about your ex

Now, this is a proven piece of advice. Start talking about your ex and mention his or her qualities in front of your partner. Let your partner not only be jealous but awkwardly jealous as you try to give all your attention to your ex and stop noticing your partner in front of you.

  • Speak like your partner is your therapist

Speak to him or her as if he or she is your therapist. Try to tell your partner about your interests and try not to listen to him or her in return at all. This is a major turn off- guaranteed!

  • Arrange a second date

Straightaway, start talking and deciding about the second date and yes, make sure that you talk awkwardly about that and keep telling your opinion.

  • Advance towards a kiss

Now, the final one- don’t look at your surrounding or ask about whether your partner is in the mood and advance towards kissing your partner. To make this awkward, try to do that when your partner is doing something else, like when he or she is eating or drinking or talking on the phone.

End Note

All the above- mentioned tricks are guaranteed to be efficient in making your date awkward. But, if your partner still wants to continue the relation, then take note- DON’T LOOSE HIM OR HER. He or she is sure in love with you. You should not break your partner’s heart!

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