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How to Pretend to Enjoy Watching Sports

Are you the one analogous to me in this regard?

Do you not care much about football, cricket, baseball too?

Well, then surely you will have to pass through these awkward and increasingly irritating moments when you are sitting in a group, and all they talk about is just these sports. The worst part is you don’t like to be social and don’t have any other friends too.

So, if you don’t want to feel left out, you have to enjoy at least pretend to enjoy watching sports.

Sports Week: Goddamn It, Acting Mode On

Sports week comes and here start the matches of our teams. Your friends are going to see the sports going on the entire week, so what about you? Are you going to go to the library during the mean time and miss the excitement and pleasure that your friends are having? Don’t you want to share the moments and be a part of memories? Yes, you surely do. So, move out and step in the stadium along with your mates. Actually, not the stadium, just the audience area obviously.

Let’s assume it’s a football match. Why not spare some time a day before and have some basic knowledge about the sport? Well, if you succeed in keeping your eyes opened during reading the info or seeing the video then you will be able to grasp some basic info regarding the subject. Now, follow one of the following tricks:


No matter, what’s going on. Just see the audience and react likewise. Listen carefully to what the commentator has to say and repeat some of his words, mostly the exclamatory ones. If, in case, you see the audience cheering and mimic the act and your friends see you awkwardly saying, “It was the opposite team, man.” You need to say, “Sportsmanship, bro”!

Drinks Please

If you can see a washroom nearby, then it will be good to keep yourself busy eating and drinking. What could be a better time pass?

Clothing with sports’ logos

Just buy yourself a sports’ shirt of a popular name. In football, the god’s Ronaldo, in Basketball, Lebron James, and cricket, let it be Afridi. Wear that shirt on and tend to be like a sports enthusiast.

Speak shit out of a popular story

Learn about a trending topic of discussion regarding the sport and read any random review regarding that topic. Start making your own comments. Everybody else will just give explanations no matter they agree or disagree!

Give Up

After all, who cares. Nobody has the time to leave the whole world and just focus on you and your interests. So, if all above tips fail, then simply give up.

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