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Top 10 Nightmarish Tattoos on Men

Every one of us has done something stupid when we were growing up; from drinking out our parent’s liquor while they were away to getting a tattoo that we had to hide so our parents would not freak out. However, even when we do dumb things, we were still able to pull it together. Tattoo nightmares are inevitable since at times some people, including celebrities are not initially sure of what they want to put on their bodies. Celebrities have the financial resources to undo a dreadful decision made to get a specific tattoo done. There are some tattoos that are not easy to remove or cover up either; no matter what technique is used.

Many men have made lifelong mistakes, though by choosing to have a bad tattoo done – that they would give their right arm to remove. From an old ex-girlfriend’s name tattoo on their arm to a cartoon character on their left shoulder, it goes without saying that there are lots of regrets to go around. So that you don’t make the same mistake, here are ten top tattoos that men should simply try to avoid.

Yes, tattoos can be surgically removed, but it could be quite expensive and painful. Besides, why would you want to get a tattoo; only to remove it later? So think long and hard before you put any of these tattoos on your skin.

1.    Mike Tyson shocked the country when he got a tribal tattoo put on his face – over his eyes. It looked ominous and downright scary. At the time in his life, Mike Tyson seemed to have been at a shaky milestone in his life. His career was going nowhere and he probably could not handle the stress. His inability to make wise decisions was limited and so he chose to have a tattoo done on his face. Gucci Mane got an ice cream cone tatted on his face with the phrase, “BRRRRR” placed under it. Never get a face tattoo; no matter if you are man or woman. You will regret it later. Never put a tattoo on the face. Number one, it can look ominous and scary. If you were to sit in front of an employer for an interview, you probably would have zero chance of landing the job. Moreover, why would you want to change your facial appearance anyway? Such a tattoo is not necessary. It is unattractive and very distracting.


2.    Chris Brown became a recluse after law enforcement placed him under arrest for physically abusing his then girlfriend Rihanna. He got a tattoo done that showed a woman who resembled Rihanna with an injured face. Chris Brown, some people thought, was an insensitive and callous jerk.  It seemed as if he got frustrated with people thinking he was a jerk. The tattoo allowed him to make a statement and play the part. However, it showed no remorse and appears to have memorialized the alleged crime.

Chris Brown

3.    UFC Fighter Jim Belcher has a tattoo on his side that many consider to be Johnny Cash. However, the tattoo was done so badly that it cannot be proven. Some think that the tattoo is one that represents Kim Jong III. Some think it may be Otho in Beetlejuice or Elvis sitting on a toilet. Or it could indeed be Johnny Cash after four of his wisdom teeth were removed and he is still high on the anesthesia.


4.    Forget about the Chinese symbol. How can you confirm what this symbol means if you are not Chinese or speak mandarin? Additionally, you want to get a tattoo that everyone understands. If you are not Chinese, you need to stay away from this tattoo.

5.    Cartoons? Are you serious? You are not a little kid nor would you get a tattoo if you were one. So stay away from those Looney Tunes cartoon characters. It is not impressive and you will be the laughing stock of your male friends. They will think that you have gone soft. Men and cartoon characters don’t go together. It is better to get a tattoo that is original; something unique, manly, customized and special to you.


6.    Your girlfriend is not your wife and even if she becomes your wife, nothing is sure these days. You could break up or divorce later on. Now what would you do with her name tattooed on your arm when you fall in love with someone else? Sure enough, your new girlfriend or wife would want you to remove it right away.


7.    The Pinup Girl tattoo will turn off any woman that you want to date. So avoid the Betty Boop tattooed on your back. It only limits you and brings back memories of Rockabilly or some Old School vibe coming from your dad or grandfather.


8.    Avoid getting a cross visibly tattooed on your arm. Unless you want to explain your religious beliefs to someone who may not have the same religious beliefs, then stay away from this one.


9.    Having a super hero symbol tattooed anywhere on your body is not cool. It spells ego and women don’t find it attractive when your ego is too big for your britches. Replace the idea of a super hero with a family emblem.


10.  A barb wire is not such a good option either. Why? What does it represent? Fencing? There is no real meaning to this tattoo. A tattoo should have real meaning to you. Remember, this is something that you will have for the rest of your life. It would be better to replace the barb wire idea with an inspirational quote tattooed around your arm.

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Other things to look out for

Heroes and role models should be nowhere near your body. You think about them and stay encouraged having them in your life, but not on your body. What if the role model or hero later lets you down or disappoints you and you no longer feel the same way? What then?

A mythical animal such as a unicorn is just a representation of a fairy tale and you are living in the real world. So instead, choose a real animal to replace the unicorn option.

You have so many options for your tattoo design. You can even create your own design or you can browse through the catalog provided by the tattoo artist. Choose something that will bring meaning to your life and that will inspire others.


Tattoos have gained popularity and acceptance in many parts of the world today and as many embrace the concept of having something placed on the body to symbolize a form of personal expression, the popularity has increased. When you decide to have ink put on your body, it is a permanent and strong statement. For some people, it can be a way to express their religious views and for other people, it is a representation of one’s heritage and pride. Etched on the skin to deliver a message, a tattoo is a strong expression of individuality. This could range from signs of love, strength and accord. A tattoo communicates the individual’s message in an ostentatious way; but you have to be careful what part of the body you place it.

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