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What Do Babies Think About – Things Babies Would Say If They Could Talk

It’s a problem every mother asks about when she looks into her infant’s big eyes; What is he thinking about? Feeding? Ducklings? Nothing at all?

Your infant’s mental abilities are functioning harder than we ever thought of, states Alison Gopnik, Ph.D., creator of The Philosophical Infant.

“Until two decades ago, researchers believed infants were single-minded and irrational,” Gopnik states, “but we’re finding that, in many aspects, babies know more, find out more, and experience more than grownups!”

Actually, these researchers are pretty strong to believe, because as nature goes, a baby wants to explore the world and if she is asking you about any unusual object she wants to touch and asking, she will remain quiet and watching a long time that unusual thing that astonishes her. Every baby has his/her own way of thinking and preserving thoughts in their minds, so it is difficult to reach any result. The researchers are still going on and trying to figure out just the behaviors of a baby whether she gets it from her granny or parents, they have their own world.

It is difficult to know what your baby is thinking about and what they are saying to you. They try their best with their red-faced screaming to tell you they are hungry.

We got some things your newborn would say if he/she could speak:

  1. Now that’s working for me exactly if you put me down, I will scream, so keep holding me up.
  2. I’ve not finished my lunch yet, stop leaving me in the cot, I want more booby.
  3. Oh, clown, not you again, good to see yaa, though …. but I want the one with boobies.
  4. That’s not a joke, I am going to sleep, so feed me now, or I will scream.
  5. What do you mean? If you are drunk, why shouldn’t I? give me that white wine.
  6. For an hour, I am crying, take me off from that filthy yellow thing, I was sitting on my own Change my diaper.
  7. Oh, thanks for cleaning me out and changing my nappy, but you need to look again I pooped in it. Change it again.
  8. Stop sniffing my crotch in public; I have respect too after all
  9. What are you laughing at? Is that funny, I’m farting

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